Roadmaps that motivate


You know how it’s fun to take a road trip and be carefree? Stop and see the sights wherever you go…even turn down that dusty road just to see what’s at the end of it.  Adventurous, right?  This kind of approach can create excitement and uncertainty that brings that feeling of freedom…WAHOOOO!!!

Ok, what about your coaching appointment?

(see road maps below)

Is it loaded with one crazy turn after another?

Will your client feel like they are driving down a dusty road anxious and worried about what’s at the end of it?

Maybe the carefree feeling you are having as the “coach” isn’t coming across to your client as “fun”.

Good chance they have invested either time or money, or both, into working with you.

You might think it’s fun to be spontaneous and it’s exciting, but this could trigger their anxiety and their trust issues.  

That’s not fun.  Tough to inspire and motivate someone that is bracing themselves and chewing off their fingernails.


Yes, you are taking your client on a “trip”, a journey.  An experience they have never had before.

So to ease their nerves and engage their ambition, give them a road map.

Where are you starting…and what does the journey look like.

TRUST - WOW!  When they can see what the itinerary looks like, they can buckle up for the ride knowing they can trust you as the driver.

Use your wild imagination on how to present your “roadmap”.

It can be a flow chart, a list, a diagram…you pick it, you're the boss.

Visual = Memorable

BETTER and BETTER - Best part…after you are finished showing this to your client ask them what makes sense about it…and what part do they need more description or clarification on.  Now you know where to fine tune it to be even better for the next client.

CREDIBILITY - Referencing the roadmap throughout your coaching sessions is ideal to create a level of credibility as a coach.  When one of their family or friends asks them how the “coaching” is coming along, they can represent you at a high level.

EASY TO SELL - When you have a roadmap, you’ll find that even YOU believe in your coaching program more.  Easy to talk about, easy to show the path, it makes sense, it’s real, it’s repeatable…BOOOM!  Easy to sell.  The more you understand your own program the more authentic energy you will have behind it when you talk about it.  No path, no roadmap = lost soul energy.

Be patient with yourself as you sketch out your roadmap.  Play with the ideas.  Keep it in rough draft form so you have permission to adjust it when you want to…when it starts to feel good and look good…RUN with it.  (knowing that at anytime you can update it because you are the boss)

Our motto in 3 Key Elements is “Love the People”.

When you love someone, you care about their experience and that it is the best that you can deliver.

Love on your clients.

Even with your current existing clients, show them the NEW roadmap you have.

They will love it!

It always feels great to work with someone who knows where they are going.

Stronger ~ Lighter ~ Smarter,


Cool Quote:

“If you can’t do anything about it, then let it go.

Don’t be a prisoner to things you can’t change.”

~ Tony Gaskins

Song of the week:

COOL SONG!  Love music!  It gets my happy juice flowing!

Happy coaching to you.

Don’t give up, get strong!

The world needs you….we need you.

Do your thing…and do it with all your heart!

- Kirk

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