Why you DON'T want to help everyone

and how to get people to call you

Imagine for a second that your car breaks down.

You need it fixed, so you drive into town and see these two businesses:

Which business would you trust more to be best equipped to fix your car?

I’m gonna take a wild guess and say you’d rather trust the business that specializes in fixing cars.

But why?

A business that claims to fix everything is probably not the best at fixing anything.

You can consider the same problem in an infinite number of different scenarios, whether it’s a plumbing issue, electrical, landscaping, etc etc etc…

…EVERY TIME you’re going to pick the business that specializes in solving your problem over the generalist business that claims to fix everything.

SO, what does this mean for your coaching business?

If you say - privately or publicly - that you “help anyone and everyone who needs coaching”, it’s no wonder you’re struggling to get clients.

Nobody knows what you specialize in…

So nobody knows when to call you.

If you want to be known for something, pick something to be known for.

Solving specific problems for people is how your name will be the one that pops in their head as soon as they struggle with that problem.

Just think of the successful names you know:

  • Need a sales funnel? Call Russel Brunson.

  • Need leadership training? Call John Maxwell.

  • Need to work on vulnerability? Call Brené Brown.

But how do you pick the right problem to solve?

Ideally, you wanna find a problem that

  1. You enjoy solving

  2. You have some experience in

  3. Is big enough/bad enough people will pay to solve it

Start by brainstorming anything and everything you could helps someone with, and narrow down from there.

If you haven’t done any coaching at all yet (or in a long time), you’ll wanna offer some free coaching sessions to friends or family to feel out what it’s like to actually coach someone on that topic.

But the longer you wait to figure this out, the more days go by that nobody knows why they should call you… so go start this process today!

Quote of the week:

Every man has a specific skill,

whether it is discovered or not,

that more readily and naturally comes to him

than it would to another,

and his own should be sought and polished.

He excels best in his niche.

Criss Jami

Song of the week:

- Kirk

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