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How to Prepare for Your First Coaching Appointment

24 hours, 30 mins, and 15 mins before

Most coaches don’t think much about preparing for you first session with a client.

You just show up and teach, right?


…If you want it to turn out badly.

If you want it to go well, preparation starts at least 24 hours ahead.

Here’s exactly what I do to make sure my coaching sessions are on point and run smoothly.

24 hours before

The day before your coaching session, take a few minutes to walk through the agenda.

  • What did you teach from last time that you need to follow up on?

  • What questions do you want to ask this time?

  • What new principles or techniques do you plan to introduce in this session?

You might think you’re good at just flying by the seat of your pants, but trust me…

Sooner or later, your client will catch on to the fact that you have no plan.

You’ll look scattered and disorganized, and it’ll kill your credibility.

30 minutes before

If you’re meeting in person, arrive at the location 30 minutes early.

If you’re meeting online, head to your home office 30 minutes early.

When you get there, review the agenda one more time, review past notes, open your meeting software, and get ready to start.

It always seems like you have plenty of time, but trust me - 30 mins goes by way faster than you think.

15 minutes before

Within 15 minutes before the appointment, no more getting up to go do things:

  • No more drinks or potty breaks

  • No more tidying up your office or home

  • No more social media, emails, or texts

In fact, by this point your phone needs to be on “Do not disturb”.

This stage is all about fully tuning in to your client.

Put yourself in their shoes…

  • What are they struggling with?

  • What might they be feeling?

  • What answers or direction are they looking for?

Visualize how you want the appointment to go. Imagine them enjoying it, asking questions, nodding their head, having breakthroughs.

What will they say at the end of the appointment?

As you follow these steps to prepare for you coaching appointments, you’ll feel more confident, receive inspiration more easily, and leave the impression on your clients that you’re organized, reliable, and in-tune.

Quote of the week:

There is no shorter road to defeat than by entering a war with inadequate preparation.

Charles Lindbergh

Song of the week:

- Kirk

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