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Don't let your clients make the December mistake

how to not be left behind on your goals

It’s an awkward time of year.

Most people have shifted into the “I’ll start this in December” mindset.

We’re past Thanksgiving, Christmas is around the corner.

“There’s a lot going on” is the easy excuse.

But what if you supported your client in starting now?

Whatever that looks like:

  • Starting their program now

  • Working toward their next goal now

  • Building that next habit now

Because while it might sound nice in our head to just “wait till things settle down”, do they ever actually settle down?

Most great things in life only ever happen because someone decided they were DONE waiting for the perfect time and instead decided NOW is the time.

So don’t buy into your clients’ excuses that they need to wait till next year to start.

Even if they only make 5% progress toward their goal between now and the new year, that’s a 5% head start on where they would’ve been.

Challenge your clients to take action now - and while you’re at it, you do the same!

Quote of the week:

An inch of movement will bring you closer to your goals than a mile of intention.

Steve Maraboli

Song of the week:

- Kirk

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