My grudge against 70+ people

and how to trust your gut more as a coach

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Among the greatest coaches in the world, they all have 1 thing in common.

Good intuition.

Sure, many have good systems, processes, templates, and frameworks.

So do I.

But if I had to choose between all that, or my intuition, the choice would be easy.


Cause no matter how much “head smarts” you have, sooner or later clients or situations show up who don’t fit the common mold.

When there’s not a playbook for what to do with a client… what do you do?

You go with your gut.

“But Kirk, that seems kind of random and unreliable doesn’t it?”

Only if your gut is untrained!

Actually though, there’s a common issue I find amongst my clients who are coaches that struggle to follow their own intuition.

Almost all of them deal with unresolved pains from their past.

When your emotions are out of whack and unhealed from the past, how do you expect to trust your current flow of emotions and intuition?

Years ago when I realized this, it hit me that I needed to work on forgiving people who I felt had hurt me in situations from my past.

Whether it truly was their fault, or I just perceived it to be, was less relevant than the fact that I knew I needed to let go of my negative feelings toward them in order to clear up my emotions and intuition.

So, I made a list!

And yes, the list (embarrassingly) amounted to over 70 people I needed to forgive.


But I’m so glad I took the time to create the list.

From there, I went one by one writing each one a short letter.

Obviously this was done over several weeks because of the time it took.

But for each person, I’d write to them and totally vent about everything I was mad about.

Then I wrote my apology.

Then I wrote that I forgive them.

In some cases, I wrote asking if they might forgive me, or one day consider forgiving me..

..but that as of today, I FULLY, WHOLE-HEARTEDLY forgave them.

And the kicker?

None were ever mailed.

Cause who knows what place they are in life… but for me, all I needed was to know I had personally come to a true resolution and let go of it.

And you know what?

Ever since then, slowly but surely, I started to be more sensitive in my intuition to notice clear ideas and gut feelings that would come up.

As I’ve practice paying attention to those, I’ve been able to refine my intuitive abilities to become a true tool to help my clients.

You can do this too!

Start by making your own list of people you may need to forgive, write your letters, DON’T send them, and then practice noticing and following the good intuitive ideas that come.

How do you practice following intuition? Hit reply and let me know!

Quote of the week:

Forgive others, not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace.

Jonathan Huie

Song of the week:

- Kirk

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