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How Joseph Schooling beat Michael Phelps, his idol

and what it means for you as a coach

13 years ago, 14-year-old Joseph Schooling was interrupted while working on homework by his mom yelling “Michael’s there, Michael’s there! Get up!”

She was talking about Michael Phelps - the most Gold-Medal-Winning Olympian of all time.

His dad was hosting the Olympic swimming team at a country club in Singapore.

He ran downstairs and captured this picture with his idol:

Michael Phelps and Joseph Schooling

We all have people we look up to.

Athletes, entrepreneurs, musicians, leaders, etc…

Most of us also think “I could never be that good”.

But what if you could?

Joseph originally got into swimming only because his dad had nearly drowned twice before and his parents wanted him to be safe.

Meeting Michael Phelps stoked the fire inside him to become an Olympic swimmer himself.

Not just that - but he decided he wanted to race against Michael Phelps, and he wanted an Olympic gold medal.

Just 8 years later he achieved both - beating Michael Phelps for the gold!

Olympic with Michael Phelps and Joseph Sc

Erich Schlegel-USA Today Sports

How cool, right?

It just gives me chills.

And it remind me that at the end of the day…

You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great.

Les Brown

But more specifically, what does this mean for you as a coach?

  1. Don’t wait to start your coaching business.

The Tony Robbins and Brendon Burchard’s of the world all had their “day one”.

A time when no one knew them. They were nobody.

And they knew a heck of a lot less than they do now.

But they didn’t let that stop them… they took their first step, and another, and another and just never stopped taking steps.

Take your first step, no matter what, and don’t stop.

  1. Help your clients see the same potential in themselves.

Whatever kind of coaching you do, your clients have their own idols, too. Their own imaginary future’s they would love to become a reality.

More than likely, they’re stuck, not taking their first step or their next step out of fear that they’re not already good enough.

Your job as their coach is to help them reframe their mindset that greatness isn’t a prerequisite for action, but rather the product of it.

They have to believe that who they are right now is enough to get started, and that they can grow as they go to become who they need to be by the time they reach their end goal.

If you can do that, you both win.

So quit stalling in your own coaching business, and build your clients’ belief that getting started no matter what is exactly the right thing to do next.

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