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Are full day 1:1 coaching appointments worth it?

Hey all,

Just finished a full day appointment.

Started at 9:00, ended at 5:00.

She flew in from California to come to my home here in Utah.

I had a simple set up; Round table with a black table cloth, a little 2x4 side table for taking notes, power plugins for computers and a TV monitor on a rolling stand.  Lots of space to spread out our notes, water bottles and snacks.

First we took a walk into the back yard to water the garden.  


Because gardens are cool…and they have a lot of lifes lessons to talk about.

It’s also my secret way to help my client get their energy grounded and calm before we start.

Walking across the grass, being around the garden, being outside with the sun shinning….so good for calming the energy.  I learned that the more calm they are the faster they can think and the deeper they can think.  Sets the stage for a great day of discovery and breakthroughs.

I love it when at the end they say, “That is exactly what I needed!”

Clarity is gold.

Want to see someone light up and get motivated?

Guide them to find clarity!

This is how I do it….

This coaching package is for 18 months.

It includes:

  1. 1 hour zoom calls each week.

  2. Voxer messages each day to report and update.

  3. Every 3 months they come to my home for a full day experience.

  4. The night before we go out to dinner, they and my wife, all 3 of us.

  5. Then the full day with me from 9:00-5:00.

  6. Total coaching package is $108,000

It’s a great package.  Nice flow, great communication, plenty of support.

Now, I didn’t start out at this level.

My first coaching package was 10- 90 minute appointments for $350 and I had to drive 1 hour to meet them at their office….so I have come a long way since then.

Are the full day appointments worth it?

They are…if you like to do them.

I have heard other coaches try them but they don’t know how to coach for 8 hours.

The good thing is there is a lunch break in the middle.

But here is my coaching process that I use for the 8 hours…minus lunch, 7 hours.

Kirks full day process: Review ~ Discovery ~ Strategy

I write these notes on a timeline diagram.  It’s super important for them to see when and where life happens so they can actually see the struggles, the success and most importantly, they can see their progress.

  • First 2 hours is a review of what progress has been made in the last 3 months.  What has improved in their mind, efforts, focus and self control.  We also tally up the progress and results.  I also include the difficulties, people problems, challenges, set backs.  Need to get it all out.  So I take that information and I keep track of it on the screen or on paper so it can be looked at.

  • Next 2 hours is about the Ah-ha’s that have happened.  What have they learned, what are they in the middle of learning, what are they seeing about their behavior, what have they noticed about their gifts and talents….and what have they found that they don’t like.  This leads to the conversation of “what do you want to change or wish was better?”

  • Next 2 hours we talk about, ok-now what.  This is where we brainstorm and strategize the upcoming next 3-5 months.  What do they want to accomplish?  What will their life look like in 3-5 months when we meet next?  Also we take a plunge into the thought of where could this plan get destroyed, who could mess it up…and what can they do about it.  We poke around at all the ways that this strategy could fall apart.  This is incredibly important because conversations like this don’t happen with family or friends, they wouldn’t have any idea how to navigate a conversation like.  Super valuable to the client to get into the worries and to come up with a plan of how to handle it.

  • Then the last hour is an overall review.  I like to have them teach me back what it is that they gained from the appointment.  If they can repeat it, explain it and make sense of it…their is a higher level of effort that will be put into the strategy moving forward.  Instead of asking them if there are any questions, I have them do the teach back.  It causes them to be transparent in what they actually received during the appointment.  Where ever they left out a bit of info I can remind them…and this also brings up clarifying questions.

That’s 7 hours.

Goes by fast.

We do take a break every 2 hours…have some snacks…go outside, do some stretching.  

Tough to go for 7 hours straight…you can burn out your brain doing that…not really, but it sure feels like you run out of thought juice.

Instead of jumping head first into a full day appointment, try a 3 hour appointment on for size.

If you like it, then bump it up to a 4, 5 and so on.

The big skill to learn is…you don’t have to teach them for the whole appointment….they already have so many questions and experiences to talk about….your work is to create the environment where they feel like they can talk to you.  NO push, no hurry, no pressure.  And having a framework to follow like REVIEW~DISCOVERY~STRATEGIZE gives you a plan and a process to guide the conversation forward.

What does your coaching program look like…how is it structured?

Email me, tell me about it.

The cool part is that you can design your coaching program to be however you want it to be.

Build it the way YOU want to do it.  These brings in lots of good energy.


Cool Quote:

“Some people want it to happen,

Some wish it would happen,

Others make it happen!”

~ Michael Jordan

Song of the week:

Cool Song that moves my heart…

First time I heard this song…I thought…this is a dumb song….and I had to listen to it a couple times to get it…..now I know the song is true….I get it.

Happy coaching to you.

Don’t give up, get strong!

The world needs you….we need you.

Do your thing…and do it with all your heart!

- Kirk

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