7 ways to make $10K per month as a coach

and why it's way more doable than you think

When I first started coaching, I was making between $1,500-$2,500/month.

(or maaayyyybe $3k if I was lucky)

Here I was, trying to pay my bills and take care of my family on a pretty slim budget.

One day, I had the chance to talk to a presenter who was making a ton of money coaching and speaking.

He said “Kirk, do you realize how many ways there are to make $10k?”

At first, I couldn’t really wrap my head around what he said… like what does that even mean?

When I got home, I decided to start playing with the numbers.

What are all the mathematically possible ways to make $10k?

Pretty quickly, I sketched out a chart like this:

Basically, I can make $10k by having

  • 1 client who pays $10k

  • 2 clients who pay $5k

  • 4 clients who pay $2.5k

  • 10 clients who pay $1k

  • 20 clients who pay $500

  • or 100 clients who pay $100

(obviously there’s a lot more possible combinations, these are just the main, most basic 7 I decided to focus on)

As soon as I got it all worked out on paper, a few things happened:

  1. Making $10k in my coaching business seemed a lot more doable

  2. I realized I had options. Like a bunch of em.

  3. It hit me that I just needed to pick which route to take, build an offer to match that level of value, and go for it!

A while after I did this exercise, I was sitting in my car while my wife ran in a store to do an errand.

In the short time I was sitting there, I counted a couple hundred people pass in front of my car… and it hit me…. there’s people everywhere!

Then a crucial question came to mind:

“What problem do these people have, that I have a solution to offer them?”

And whatever that solution is, would it be worth…





…….or even possibly… $10,000?!

You can quickly see how picking the right problem to solve here is pretty key in influencing how much you can charge.

It’s also true though, that how you package your offer and present it has a pretty big influence on what people will be willing to invest in your solution as well.

So find a problem, figure out how you’ll help people solve it, decide what you’ll sell your coaching for that solution, and you’ll know exactly how many clients you’ll need to hit your first $10k.

You can do this!

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