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7 Effective Tips to Secure Outstanding Client Testimonials

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This week’s issue of How to Coach is by guest author Brighton West, an expert in helping coaches get raving testimonials.


In the world of coaching, client testimonials hold immense power. They serve as social proof, validating the credibility and quality of your service. Positive testimonials can influence potential clients and enhance your brand's reputation. However, obtaining valuable client testimonials requires strategy and effort. Here are seven effective tips to help you secure outstanding client testimonials:

1. Deliver an Exceptional Experience:

The foundation of remarkable testimonials lies in the success your clients experience with the help of your coaching. Go the extra mile to exceed their expectations, address their pain points, and provide coaching that truly makes a difference in their lives. When clients are genuinely satisfied, they're more likely to share their positive experience.

2. Timing is Crucial:

The best time to request a testimonial is when your client's positive experience is fresh in their minds. Reach out shortly after they've completed their coaching or had a breakthrough. This ensures that their emotions and impressions are still vivid, leading to more genuine and detailed testimonials.

3. Personalize Your Requests:

When asking for a testimonial, make the request personal. Address the client by their name, mention specific aspects of their experience that impressed you, and explain how their feedback could benefit others. This personal touch shows that you value their opinion and are genuinely interested in their thoughts. Avoid sending a generic email to all your clients at one time.

4. Make it Easy:

Streamline the testimonial-gathering process by making it as easy as possible for clients to provide feedback. Give them a link directly to the place to leave a testimonial. For instance, if you want a review on Google, get a “request a review” link from your Google Business Account. Keep the process simple and straightforward, and consider providing guiding questions to help clients structure their testimonials.

5. Showcase Diversity:

A range of client testimonials that reflect various demographics, use cases, and industries can be incredibly impactful. Potential clients are more likely to relate to experiences that resonate with their own situations. Aim to gather testimonials from a diverse group of clients to showcase the versatility and universality of your offerings.

6. Incentivize and Express Gratitude:

I struggled with whether to include “incentivize” in this list. Sometimes offering a token of appreciation is a good thing, sometimes it lessens the experience. You’ll need to judge for yourself whether offering something is right for your clients. However, expressing gratitude is always right!

7. Follow Up and Stay Engaged:

Once you've received a testimonial, don't let the relationship fade away. Follow up with the client to express your gratitude once again and inform them how their testimonial is positively impacting your business. Testimonials are a great way to re-engage past clients. When they are saying positive things about you, they could convince themselves to come back for more coaching!

If you decide that video testimonials are right for your business, I’d love to help. I can capture your clients over their smartphone or webcam from anywhere in the world in just 15 minutes. Check out my service at Brighton West Video.

Quote of the week:

Testimonials describe what has been, and are a promise of what is to come.

Ron Kaufman

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