7 Different Learning Styles

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7 Different Learning Styles

Now when I first started coaching I had NO idea that there were different types of learning styles.

I thought there was only one….the way that I taught.

Yep, I didn’t know better.

It wasn’t until I had been coaching for 3 years that I stumbled over some content talking about the different presentation styles and students' learning styles.  Reading up on this was like liquid happiness.  I couldn’t drink enough of it.

I had no idea that different people learned differently.

7 different styles?

I am a visual learner.

So while I was holding coaching appointments I would draw diagrams to teach.  And when my client would tell me their obstacle I would draw out a map to visually show how their obstacle was working.  I thought everyone could do what I was doing.  I had some clients love it…and some clients it just didn’t click with them.

I soon found out that there were certain clients that just wanted a list of what it was that I was teaching.  Like a checklist or an instruction list.  That was new for me…so I adapted and added that to my way of coaching.

The more people I coached, I realized that there are more ways than one to teach.

The best way I found to connect and make a bigger impact on my clients was to figure out what their learning style is and then coach them in that style.  

They understand faster what it is that I am teaching them…and it improved their ability to take action on what they were learning.

Here are some examples:

I got overwhelmed trying to do all the styles during my seminars and my live group coaching events….So I smartened up and decided to only focus on 4 of them.  I found that I could reach a majority of the audience with these top 4…

I just held a training class at my home this last weekend.

I used Visual, Data, Tactile, Social, Kinesthetic learning styles the most.

It turned out great.

During the 15 years that I did live seminars each month I really dove into these learning styles.

It sure stirred up referrals.

The audience could go home and explain what they were learning to their family so well that their family wanted to come to the next class.

That’s awesome!

So if you are like me and you are realizing that you are only using 1 or maybe 2 learning styles, consider adding one more.  It’s amazing how it helps your audience / clients understand what it is that you are teaching them.

If your coaching client isn’t getting it…maybe you are teaching them in the wrong learning style.  So before you rework your content, consider the learning style you are delivering it in.


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Wealth isn’t about how much money you make, it’s about how little you worry.


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