$5,000 by Friday

I will never forget the day…

I had just had a meeting with my wife.

She told me that the bill collectors were calling.

How can I be so good at coaching, but not have paying clients?

Ok, what am I missing?

I looked in 2 important places to see what my problem was.

1st place was my head….whats rolling around in there….ewwww…more doubt than hope.

2nd place was my heart…found a bunch of scared stuff, not the kind of fuel that will get me what I need right now.

What’s the fastest way to change all of this?

I know there are 2 critical activities going on in my mind all the time….the stories I tell myself…and how I see it playing out. (words, images)

Time for an overhaul.

So I grabbed a pad of paper and decided to write out a better story about me finding paying clients than what was being said in my head.  I wrote out a short paragraph.  Seemed like a big lie and it wasn’t necessarily true information as of yet, but it made up for a great story to brainwash myself to believe.

So I started reading it every day.

Then I choose to sit still for 4-5 minutes and imagine someone signing up and paying me in full for my coaching program.  HA HA HA HA.  That was a funny little movie to make up in my mind.  I had so much evidence that this wasn’t true…I wondered how this would ever become true.

Anyway…I did my 5 minute practice every day.

It’s true.  Whatever is going on in your head….is what will sooner or later seep out of your skull and get into your life.  It’s a bugger of a wrestle to get it into my head.  Not easy, but possible.

Friday morning I woke up with an idea of what to do…

I followed those crazy ideas…too much detail to share it all here…

But I followed those ideas and it led me to a person who was looking for some help.

When they asked how much my coaching was I blurted out the answer… $5,000.

I was expecting them to laugh out loud…but they quickly asked me what payment methods I accepted.

I was shocked…how did that happen?

Well…it all started with what I put in my head.

Your 1st story doesn’t have to be elaborate or perfect.  

I consider my description of my client still a rough draft…after 19 years…I am still tuning it.

These are a few other prompts to stir some ideas to add to your story about your client.

Here is the simple truth about this…

If it's not in your head…

How’s it supposed to be in your life?

Super duper important to get your head dialed in on what you want.

It’s your creation machine.

Extra:  I find it important to also decide who is NOT the right kind of client for me….

Learned this one the hard way.

Make your list…so you don’t attract those that will burn up your time, drive you crazy and stress you out.

Your inner mind is a delicate place…it accepts whatever you tell it…and it believes it is true.

Be the guardian and programmer of your mind.

Do your mental exercises each day!



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Cool Quote:

“Knowing is not enough;

we must apply.

Willing is not enough,

we must do.”

~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Song of the week:

COOL SONG!  Love music!  It gets my happy juice flowing!

Stronger ~ Lighter ~ Smarter,

- Kirk

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