3 things to do before 2024

how to avoid making last years' mistakes next year

Just days away from the end of 2023, there’s 3 things on my mind to spend time looking at as a coach:

  1. Structure of coaching

  2. Vision board update

  3. What worked / didn’t work in 2023

If I jump into the next year without looking at how things went this last year in each of these areas, I’ll end up bringing some of the same problems into next year.

It’s a pivotal opportunity for me to review, reset, and refocus.

So first off, the structure of my coaching.

I evaluate my clients.

  • How many of them achieved their goals or accomplished what they set out to do?

  • How many didn’t?

  • What role did I play in those results?

  • What training and techniques led to great results with my clients?

  • What doesn’t seem to be resonating with clients?

For me, these last few months I’ve noticed a big focus on relationship issues and goals with my clients.

Not too long ago, the common theme from most of my clients was really about financial goals.

Funny to see how quickly tides can change.

The human race goes through ebbs and flows… so I check-in and try to stay in tune with the real struggles my clients are dealing with most right now.

Looking at these things helps me know what to adjust this next year so things go better.

At the end of this, I pick just 3 things to adjust in the structure of my coaching.

I know any more than that will overwhelm or distract me too much.

Next, Vision board update.

What goals am I still stuck on?

If it’s been on my vision board and I haven’t completed it in several months, I can tell something about it is causing my mind to lock up.

Usually what I find most helpful is to cut that goal in half.

What would be a closer milestone I could shoot for that feels more doable, and I could wrap my head around accomplishing more easily?

I’ll rewrite those goals, remove the old ones and put the new ones up on my vision board.

This is also a great time for me to recommit to my vision board.

Despite having accomplished things with my vision board that blew my own socks off, like speaking on stage with an Olympic gold medalist, making $1,000,000 in one year, or deep-sea fishing for Marlin…

…I go through good and bad phases with how consistent I am in looking at my vision board.

New year = new commitment to look at it every morning and every night.

(Get my free vision board course here)

Last, what’s working / not working.

I love creating a table like this:

What worked / didn't work

And filling it out with as many things on both columns from this last year.

Really helps me see what I need to do to adjust.

No matter how many things I identify that aren’t working though, again I only let myself pick 3 things to change!

So pick 3 things about your coaching business in general, and/or in your personal development that you’ll change going into next year.

But what if it all fails?

You’ve got great ideas for this next year… but what do you do if it doesn’t work?

Instead of being caught off guard, I proactively dive into the details to flesh out the worst case scenarios AND exactly what steps I would take next to deal with them.

This actually massively boosts my confidence to move forward with faith in my business, instead of constant fear.

So over the next couple weeks, set aside some time to focus on each of these areas.

Then hit reply and let me know how it goes for you!

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