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1 rule and 7 questions for when your client hits a wall

Are you unintentionally condescending?

What do you do when your client hits a wall?

Rule #1: Don’t assume they know what the wall actually is.

When you assume a client understands their problem better than they do, you come off as condescending and they pull back.

They won’t want to listen to you.

So what do you do?

Ask questions:

  1. What do you think it is that stopped you?

  2. Did something happen between you and another person?

  3. Did a situation happen?

  4. Do you feel like you’re going in circles?

  5. Are your action steps too big?

  6. Are you action steps too small?

  7. Are you losing hope and vision of where you’re going?

“But Kirk, you said don’t expect them to know… so why would I ask them these questions?”

Let them know you don’t expect an immediate answer… these are questions for them to ponder and see what comes up.

By asking a series of questions, you open their mind to multiple paths of thinking that can lead them to connect the dots and realize what the wall is.

They just probably don’t know what the wall is at first… but you asking questions will assist them in figuring it out.

You might even go another level and hone in on the words they used to describe it.

If they said they hit a wall, ask: “What do you mean, you hit a wall?”

If they said they feel stuck, ask: “What do you mean, you feel stuck?”

If they said they’re going in circles, ask: “What do you mean, going in circles?”

Statements are final.

Questions are an open door to possibilities and progress.

Quote of the week:

The power to question is the basis of all human progress.

Indira Gandhi

Song of the week:

- Kirk

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